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All you have to know regarding our medical furniture range

Discover our frequently asked questions and find solutions to your inquiries. This page is frequently updated in order to share information about order process, delivery or medical furniture’s servicing.
All you have to know regarding our medical furniture range

You have an inquiry regarding your medical furniture ?

Welcome to our most Frequently Asked Question service .
You have an inquiry regarding your medical furniture ? You will find here the answers to your questions, organized thematically.

Orders & delivery

Are you delivering directly final customers ?

Yes it’s possible. To proceed with it, we will need the exact adress of your customer and a telephon number for our carriers. Please note that will be extra costs if you want to fix a meeting with exact date or time.

I have an order to place, how to proceed ?

You can send your order by email to : export@carinamedical.com, you need to mention the exact reference of the product, the colour you need for upholstery ( and base if applicable), the delivery time if there is an emergency and the delivery adress. Please mention if you will pick the goods into our factory or need a quotation from us for transport. An acknowledgment of receipt is sent as soon as the order is registered ( within 24 hours). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you didn’t received any aknowledgment.

My package has arrived damaged, what to do ?

If the transport was handled by CARINA :
In the presence of the carrier, it is mandatory to open and to check inside the parcels ( even if the external aspect is good). Depending of the condition of the goods, you can mention the damages by reporting on the delivery receipt what are the exact losses or refuse the parcel if too injured. If you are not able to check damaged in the presence of the carrier, you have 72 hours to write and send a registered post with acknowledgment of receipt ( mentionning damages, with pictures). The letter should be sent to the carrier’s adress which is mentionned on the delivery receipt. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If the transport was handled by your company :
Please refer to them directly to check how to proceed. You can of course contact us immediatly too if you need some replacement parts.

I already placed an order, how do I know about the delivery time ?

On the acknowledgment of receipt of your order, the scheduled departure date from our factory is mentionned. You can already ask us for packing dimensions once the order is placed if you want to anticipate your transport purposes.

My order is urgent, what are your delivery times ?

For a standard delivery we are able to manufacture within 10 days from date of order. If you need goods before this delivery time, please inform us as soon as you send the order.

I would like to cancel my order, is that possible ?

As soon as we receive your order, we are starting manufacturing of it, that’s why we are not able to cancel it without any fees. Our general terms and conditions are mentionning a depreciation of 20% of the amount of the order if it is cancelled before shipment. If the order has already been shipped, we are not able to cancel it any more. For any request, please contact our commercial service.


I have a request of after sales service to send you, which information should I give you ?

All the after sales requests are made by email to the following adress : export@carinamedical.com. Indeed we need several elements to be able to reply you, the best is to supply the information or picture of the data plate of the product ( silver label which is on the base/ structure of most of our products with CARINA MEDICAL logo on it), it is important as the serial number and the year of manufacturing is indicated. If you don’t have these elements, please send us pictures of the concerned products to help to determined which one is it.

My upholstery is damaged, I would like to change it, how to proceed ?

For upholstery’s after sales, we need the data plate of the product ( to be sent by email to export@carinamedical.com). If your couch is too old, please send us a picture and upholstery’s dimensions. 

Regarding the replacement itself, it’s very easy, as we are delivering the upholstery into one part ( skaï, foam and wood). Then you just have to unscrew the old upholstery and screw the new one in replacement. Please note that you don’t need to send us the damaged upholstery back.

I have a couch which is not coming from CARINA, can you quote me for an upholstery's replacement ?

In order to satisfy our customers and help them, we are able to make this. But we will need the original upholstery ( which is damaged) to be sent to our factory for refection and quotation.

My gas jack is not working correctly any more ?

If your couch is quite new, the problem is probably coming from an adjustment of the gas jack. If there isn't any liquid coming out from the jack, they are many chances that it is still working. To know how to proceed, please refer to the below link to check the adjustment's tutorial.

I have a problem with the electric components of my exam couch, what to do ?

The first step is to check if the plug is functional. If it is, the problem can come out different pieces : Electric columns, control box, hand remote or pedal. Please consult us to check which part is concerned.


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