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Hauteur Variable Hydraulique - Réf. : 51214T  

Blood sampling chair with hydraulic height adjustment
Comfortable upholstery with good density on 80 mm foam, width 550, M1 class, 20 colours range
Chrome base
Adjusting back rest and leg rest via 2 gas jacks
Equipped with 2 blood test splints, every position adjustable by serrated blocks system
Trendelenburg position
Raising the chair: Actuate the column's control pedal to midstroke
Lowering the chair: Actuate the column's control pedal to its stroke limit and block it
Rotating the chair: Block rotation by lifting the pedal as far as possible
Control: mechanic pedal
Load capacity: Dynamic 130kg

Options: arm rest splint ACC100, polyurethane bloodtest splint ACC110POLY, head rest ACC54005, plastic cover for leg rest ACC514, 4 castors Ø 50 mm with full brakes ACC9505, exam sheet roller ACC125, Stainless steel tray ACC910/PLAT02, IV stand with 2 hooks ACC32010

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  4 castors Ø 50 mm with full brakes...

  Stainless steel tray...

  Head-rest, width 550...

  Exam sheet roller...
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